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Criteria to make the Corona Swim Team:

Swimmers should be able to swim all strokes proficiently and within the times listed below. Coaches reserve the discretion to waive a requirement based on a swimmer's attitude, determination, potential, etc.

* Swimmers must swim no slower than times posted below

                        Boys           Girls

50 Free           :35                :40

50 Back          :40                :45

50 Breast       :45                :50

50 Fly              :40                :45 


Nutrition - Check out R.D., Heather Wolf's , site for health and nutritional information. Heather attends my annual swim clinic and provides great info regarding good meal selections, etc.

Training & Conditioning

Check out Kyle from Triplex Training for your conditioning needs. He offers Corona swim team members and parents 2 free weeks to check it out. Call or visit Kyle.

AIA Swim & Dive Website  

"Detraining" article - this article discussed the negative effects from not training / layoffs 

2017 AIA State Swim & Dive Qualifying Standards - event order & time standards

2016 Swim & Dive Booklet

instructional Videos

Butterfly Turn Technique

Breaststroke Pulldown & Arm Recovery

Freestyle Flip Turn - The Flip

Freestyle Starts & Streamline

Freestyle Starts & Streamline

Breaststroke Turn

How to do Backstroke to Breaststroke Turn

Importance of Streamline